ICAN Housing is a leader in providing affordable housing in Stark County.  Our housing programs consist of: Permanent Supportive Housing and Rapid Rehousing along with affordable housing options geared toward serving veterans and their families.

Housing for the Homeless

Our housing programs include Permanent Supportive Housing, Rapid Rehousing and Affordable Housing.

Permanent Supportive Housing

Permanent Supportive Housing is long-term assistance designed for individuals and families who are homeless with one or more member of the family having a mental illness. Tenants face significant challenges to living independently, which require time and resources to resolve. Examples of people we help are:

  • People who have a diagnosis of mental illness that interferes with their ability to consistently earn a living wage
  • People who have a history of substance abuse or a criminal background, which have made it difficult to earn income or maintain an apartment
  • People with a limited income and low earning potential with their current skills and education

Rapid Rehousing

Our Rapid Rehousing program provides short-term rent assistance (six months to a year) for an individual or a family who has become homeless. Rapid Rehousing assists individuals and families who have had a temporary setback, such as divorce or job loss, that lead to eviction or foreclosure. This program is designed for the individual or family who can return to living independently after receiving short-term help with rent.

Housing is provided through private landlords. Tenants receive assistance with rent and supportive services as needed. It allows individuals and families the time they need to address issues that may impede access to housing. Rapid rehousing enables families and individuals to stabilize quickly.

Interested Landlords

Landlords interested in participating in the Rapid Rehousing program are welcome. Many property owners and landlords work with ICAN Housing tenants and benefit from reliable income through rental assistance payments at their properties. We work hard to provide tenants with the resources to be good tenants and provide landlords with contacts at our agency should challenges arise. Tenants supported by ICAN Housing abide by landlord-tenant rights and responsibilities.

If you are a property owner interested in having ICAN Housing clients as your tenants, please contact us at 330-455-9100.

Affordable Housing

Our Affordable Housing program targets veterans who need assistance with rent. Affordable housing is also targeted for individuals and families with one or more members who have been diagnosed with mental illness. Affordable Housing participants have low incomes. They need not be homeless.

An example of a person who would benefit from our Affordable Housing program is someone who has tried to live in their own apartment but was using 50 to 70 percent of their income just for rent.

Living in affordable housing owned by ICAN Housing allows tenants to have adjusted rent (based on 30% of their income) so that more of their income is available for food and other necessities.