Agency Background

Since 1988, ICAN Housing has served people experiencing homelessness in Stark County- many of whom struggle with mental illness and substance use disorders. The agency was formed by the Stark County Mental Health Board as the mental health field moved away from institutional care and toward community integration and care.

ICAN Housing started by providing housing and housing support services. Having built on early successes, the agency now provides outreach, housing support services, workforce development, permanent supportive housing, affordable housing, and subsidized housing. The agency owns 45 residential properties and ensures nearly 300 households in Stark County have decent and affordable housing every night.

Most of ICAN Housing’s participants come from shelters or the street. ICAN Housing is the only Permanent Supportive Housing provider in Stark County conducting outreach activities to build trust with potential clients and support them in their efforts to connect to community services, address basic needs and attain housing.

ICAN Housing remains committed to continuous improvement and strong client outcomes.


ICAN Housing gets people off the streets and into housing, supporting their efforts to achieve self-reliance while treating them with dignity and care.