Our History

Since 1988, ICAN Housing has served homeless persons with mental illness, some of whom are also battling Substance Use Disorders (SUDs). ICAN started by providing housing and services. The Agency has built on early successes and now provides outreach, housing support services, and affordable permanent housing options to nearly 300 households in Stark County, Ohio.

Most of ICAN’s participants come from shelters or the street. ICAN Housing is the only Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) provider in Stark County conducting outreach activities to build trust with potential clients and support them in their efforts to connect to community services, address basic needs and attain housing.

Continued Growth

Over the years, the Agency’s housing support services have continued to grow. Dedicated staff members are driven by the belief that a stable home is a great step toward a stable life. Participants benefit from ICAN Housing’s use of evidence-based practices to help them achieve and maintain housing stability and advance toward self-reliance, recovery, and an improved quality of life.

The Agency is broadening its scope to help participants increase their incomes. ICAN Housing Support Specialists take a “hands-on” approach, guiding participants through steps to obtain the mainstream benefits for which they are eligible (e.g., Social Security and SNAP benefits).

In addition, ICAN operates a Supported Employment Program through which participants gain job readiness skills and receive financial education and support in seeking and retaining traditional employment.

The agency provides Peer Support to participants actively working on their recovery from substance abuse.

ICAN Housing gets people off the streets and into housing and supports their efforts to achieve self-reliance while treating them with dignity and care.

ICAN remains committed to continuous improvement and strong client outcomes.